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2 months left till the end of the TOP100DJANES 2021!

VOTE EXCLUSIVELY ON DJANEMAG.COM, following the link or click on a button 'VOTE' in personal djanemag DJ account! 

In order to vote, you need to go through a simple registration process and fill in 5 lines in the voting form with the names of the best female DJs in your opinion. 

Votes counting rules will not be changed!

DJs will get positions in the rankings in accordance to the number of voting points and additional points (the number releases per year, the number of gigs, social media support, etc will be taken into account).

Please be careful! Our pages are only @djanemag @top100djanes and a page, dedicated to clubs @top_50clubs ! Pages of our official regional representatives start with DJANEMAG! (EX: @DJANEMAGBR @DJANEMAGIN @DJANEMAGLATAM etc)

Several sites appeared, that are completely trying to copy our work using the same methods, colors, design, texts and slogans and even similar or the same name!

They try to imitate our activity in order to make a ranking and promote DJs of a particular booking, although, in fact, they have nothing to do with the brand DJANEMAG!

We want to draw your attention to this in order you do not confuse, as every day DJs tag us on posts of those sites and this is annoying, as on all these photos link is not to our site, not our logo and we want us to be associated with it or mislead other people that we have something in common.
We are a magazine! We support female DJs, do our best to produce interesting news and unique content for you!

Please be careful!