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BLANCAh debuts exclusive DJ set at DJane Mag's online festival

“BLANCAh – Shade”; DJ set will be broadcast this Saturday on DJane Mag channels. The DJ and producer talks about the debut in this format


This is the second video of the Shade project, a series of sets recorded by BLANCAh in which the artist performs against the light, in a closed and minimalist environment, where her silhouette can only be seen in a semi-darkness.


“The main idea of ​​this series is the loss of identity and the desire to avoid distractions with fancy scenarios or with an audience, elements present in most streaming. The focus is on raw aesthetics and the music itself. The first video in the series was released in March by the largest electronic music portal in the world, Beatport.”, explained BLANCAh.


Now, BLANCAh has prepared the second video in the series especially for the DJane Mag online festivalBut this time it had the collaboration of multimedia artist Hedra Rockenbach using advanced technology synchronizing images of BLANCAh with the music performed by her in real time. Video effects are programmed to respond to certain ranges of sound frequency creating a stunning visual connected to the sound.


BLANCAh and Hedra present us with a true contemporary masterpiece that promises to close our festival with a golden key.



Livestream: “BLANCAh – Shade

When: December 4th, Saturday

Time: 18:00 (BRT) - 21:00 (GMT)

Where: Exclusive simultaneous transmission through DJane Mag's YouTube, Facebook and Twitch channels.