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Daphne emerges as great promise on the national stage

First DJ in the history of The Voice Brasil, the musician brings the electronic music to the TV stage


With powerful vocals, the singer from Santa Catarina transits in several musical subgenres. Among the great achievements of the musician are the recording of a Warner’s mashup, for the movie Ready Player One by Steven Spielberg, and the participation in the program The Voice Brasil, in the bigger Brazilian tv channel TV Globo. First DJ of the scene in the history of reality, she is also the most commented participant of this edition on the official page of The Voice Brazil. The young artist, only 22 years old, turned all chairs, and chose the Pop singer Iza, as her team leader.


Daphne’s the hard-to-label type. And maybe it's for the best. As she tells herself:


"Anyone who knows me knows that I don't play only a single electronic genre. I came from R&B, Blues, Pop, Rock and I've even singed country music. I came from playing at bars and restaurants, playing guitar, cajon and even pandeiro. I've had a rock band and I've dreamed of being a Rihanna. I'm not a fan of a specific musical genre, I'm a music lover".


The artist experiences a remarkable boom. For three years with a solo career, the singer, multi-instrumentalist and DJ is among the most promising artists of electronic music. Eclectic and with good dance floor reading, Daphne stands out in some of the largest clubs in the country by the setlist very well developed, which always maintains strong base of harmonic elements.


"One of the biggest gratifications of being on the program is manly to show to girls that you can be whatever you want, you can sing and be a DJ, you can play whatever you want. To be honest, I try not to create much expectation regarding my participation. I feel very glad to be in the next show’s faze, I'll be happy to be able to show more of what I am to the audience. The messages and affection I have received are what make me want to continue taking my work to reality. In addition, Brazilian electronic music needs this space!”, daphne points out.




Another great virtue of Daphne is versatility, she works very well within all house music subgenres. Because of that the redhead's setlist stands out and conquers so many fans. And polyvalence doesn't stop there. All of Daphne's works are copyrighted. It composes, interprets and produces the melodic basis.


Daphne with Malik Mustache


The single "After", released with DJs and producers Malik Mustache, had over 379,000 hits on Spotify. In addition, the clip already has more than 25,000 views on YouTube.


The period of social distancing due to the pandemic of the new coronavirus inspired a new song. During this period, Daphne composed Routine, a song that relates the daily life of artists, the lack of routine before quarantine and the new day to day. The work is in the spotlight, especially after it was disclosed in the profile of the label Só track Boa. The hit is the most talked about among all other tracks on the label. In addition to the strong harassment that music brought, there was a great demand for big names in the national scene to launch partnerships with the artist. That is, more news and collabs are coming.


Today, Daphne has six works released: "After", released with Malik Mustache by Liboo/Universal Music; "Sin City", in partnership with Snoouth and hotweillers, also by Liboo/Universal Music; " Take me Home", music by Baron Dance and Zord, released by Russian label MIXFEED; "Burn Me", feat withDoozie and Bess Maze, by Up Club Records; "Tic Tac", with Chris Leo and Seeman and "Hurricane", released with Minski. And the public can expect even more successes. The redhead has five songs ready, about to be released.



Main clubs


Daphne played in two great Winter festival, the most highly regarded festival of Santa Catarina that became a reference throughout the south of the country, one at El Fortin #2 and the other at the Natural Forest #22. He also played at Matahari #5, P12 #10, Sungai #48 and Hakko club. She also was featured at the Brazilian Navy prom in Rio de Janeiro.



There was a time when commercial electronics and underground electronics were two very different worlds. At the time, an artist who came from pop was not very welcome on the underground's stages. Alok has changed that reality a lot. Today, in the same line, we have artists with very different sounds, because the audience of electronic music is very mixed. This opened doors for more and more DJs to put their truth in music, regardless of strand. There will always be an audience for your work if it is done with love. On the same track there are people so different, but with the same passion for music, and they are there for the energy you transmit to them! The public's respect for electronic music for differences is simply magical! "daphne points out.


Life on the scene


"Being a DJ is addictive and more intense than anyone can imagine. It goes beyond a play, press buttons and the jog. To be a DJ is also to have feeling, it is to have love not only for music, but for people! And especially, to be a DJ is to know your track, even with different people in each of them. It's stepping on stage with the certainty that you've prepared your best to be there. I live all this in my head, I play and I give my body and soul into to it, “says the artist.



To finish the interview, Daphne promptly declares"I'll tell you something about the future of electronic music: this genre will take over the world!".


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