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Exclusive Interview with Amira and Kayla. A new generation of DJing

The twin titans Amira & Kayla always keep the party rocking. By the way, they are only 10 years old!!! Hard to believe that two little girls can compete with adults DJs, but music’s in the blood for the 10 year-old sisters and we believe that they will have a big future. Their love of spinning flows from their Grammy-nominated producer Dad, who taught them their DJ skills... Read an exclusive interview with girls! Good vibes only with DJANEMAG!

DJANEMAG: How did you begin to play? Was it difficult to start and to learn how to deal with decks?) 

Amira & Kayla: Our dad who was a music producer and founder of Little Club Heads family dance parties in NYC taught us how to DJ. We started off learning first on a DJ controller and then we learned on traditional turn tables. In the beginning it was challenging learning all the different controller functions, Serato, and getting our timing down but we quickly picked it up. Once we learned on the controller it made it easier for us to start deejaying with traditional turn tables.

DJANEMAG: Kids usually spend much time playing with friends, studying, etc. How much time do you usually spend on training DJing and do you have enough time for studing, having fun and rest? 

Amira & Kayla: Recently we increased our practice time to an hour a day. We know the more we practice we put in the better DJs we will become. Although we practice a lot we make sure our school comes first, we are both honor students and do very well in school. We are currently in the 4th grade and enjoy spending time with our school friends and family.

DJANEMAG: You are sisters and twins! It's so cool, as you have support always, but when you perform for some pretty big crowds of people, do you have a special ritual to combat any nerves you might have? 

Amira & Kayla: We have deejayed for very large crowds our largest audience was at Madison Square Garden in NYC when we deejayed for the New York Knicks for about 30,000 people. We don't get nervous of large crowds I think our mom and dad are much more nervous for us than we are. My dad makes sure we are alway's prepared and it makes us comforatble when we deejay.

DJANEMAG: Do you have any musical education? Can you play any musical instruments? 

Amira & Kayla: We take some music classes in school but our dad is our main music teacher. He teaches us how to can't beats, pitch, and different styles of music. He eventually wants us to learn how to play the drums and keyboard.

DJANEMAG: Tell us your funniest experience whilst performing? 

Amira & Kayla: I think the funniest moments we have deejaying is when adults see us and they can't believe we are actually deejaying.

DJANEMAG: You are two girls, sisters and two individuals! Does your style in clothing and music differ much? 

Amira & Kayla: Altough we are twin sisters we have different personalities. My parents gave us knick names when we were babies. Amira's knick name is firecracker because she is the more of the tough one and Kayla's nick name is dalai Lama because I was the more calm and patient one. Our music taste and fashion is very similar.

DJANEMAG: DJ life is very often a nightlife. Is it very hard for you and how do you deal with it? 

Amira & Kayla: DJs often DJ at night but most of our events happen during the day. We are resident DJs for Little Club Heads family dance parties Little Club Heads was started by our dad and are day parties for kids. We have also deejayed for the Knicks, NYC Fashion Week, Summer Stage, Jay-Z's 40/40 Club, The Apollo Theater, and other festivals that happen mainly during the day or evenings. So we are not dealing with the night life of deejaying as of yet.

DJANEMAG: Do you want to be DJs in future or do you want to have some other occuaptions? 

Amira & Kayla: We want to be successful DJs and business women. Hopefully we could travel the world playing music for people and expanding our brand. We hope in the future people will consider us amongst the best DJs in the world.

DJANEMAG: Share with our readers some exclusive news!

Amira & Kayla: On May 6th we will be making our first national TV appearance on the hit talk show "The Real" it airs in the United Sates on the Fox network. We will be the resident DJs for the day and will be interviewed on the show. We are super excited about the opportunity for millions of people see us and know who we are.

Watch the video of how DJs Amira & Kayla Deejaying The Knicks Game At Madison Square Garden!