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Genesis presents: Sound Electrified with Jayda G and Didi Han [watch]

Genesis is pulling up to power the global livestream set, which will be free to all viewers. The Korean automaker is teaming up with Grammy-nominated DJ and dance music producer Jayda G to soundtrack the night. She'll be supported by Korean artist Didi Han.



While the idea to create a full-fledged nightlife experience powered entirely by a car battery would ordinarily seem unlikely to succeed, Genesis' GV60 is well-equipped for the effort. The vehicle's proprietary vehicle-to-load technology allows the car to channel its energy towards powering outside devices.


The car will be doing some heavy lifting, but for perspective, the vehicle's max output has the ability to power the average home. Impressively, the GV60 will boast not only the mere ability to keep the music going, but also simultaneously fuel a laser-filled light show.


The full livestream event kicks off on November 30th at 7:45pm GMT here.