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Jennifer Cooke & HEXAGON launch brand new female focused label, LOVELACE RECORDINGS

LOVELACE RECORDINGS is the hot new imprint by Dutch Vocal DJ/producer Jennifer Cooke, who by teaming up with Don Diablo’s HEXAGON sets out on a mission to inspire and empower a new generation of female artists. LOVELACE strives to offer greater artistic control to female producers, DJs and vocalists alike and with that, help counter the industry’s gender disparity.

As a woman-friendly label, we want to create a platform where female talent gets equal opportunities like their male counterparts, but also a platform where they can grow and learn from one another. As a young, black woman myself, I know what it takes to overcome certain hurdles in a male dominated industry. With LOVELACE, my goal is to offer guidance to every young girl out there who aspires to become a DJ, vocalist or producer one day. – Jennifer Cooke

Over the past year, HEXAGON has expanded its operations by adding some artist driven labels to its roster, alongside its own imprints HEXAGON, Generation HEX and FUTURE. The new labels include King Arthur's BRING THE KINGDOM, RetroVision's TIME MACHINE, JLV's Something Good, Dropgun's PROPHECY and Stadiumx’ SUB RELIGION RECORDS. In last year’s annual ‘A State of Dance’ report by 1001Tracklists, HEXAGON ranked as the overall 4th best label.

Accompanied the announcement of her label launch, Jennifer Cooke is already setting the LOVELACE engines in motion with the label’s first fitting single, ‘Sweet Release’. Cheerful piano chords bounce along to an equally bubbly topline as Jennifer’s own soulful vocals give off an air of vintage R&B vibes. It’s exactly the kind of music one turns on when in need of a spot of sunlight on a rainy day.