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Founded by DJ artist and Brazilian music producer THAY, the project is based in Detroit, Michigan.


Following the return of Detroit’s Movement Festival, the biggest techno festival in the United States, the electronic music scene celebrates its 4th edition of the 313 amplified project! On June 29th from 7:00 pm to 12:00 a.m. EST, the show will be broadcasted via the 313 FM (North American Radio Station) website: Save the date and join us for an evening of incredible music!


In this 4th edition, the project will be promoting both Brazilian and international talents alike. A few of the artists include the Brazilian DJ and Producer Chiara Mazzaro and SELENE. In addition, the local Detroit DJs and music producers METAWAV, will leave their mark on this new edition!

Extending its Brazilian roots to North American soil, DJane artist DJ THAY created 313 Amplified earlier this year, gaining the support of “DJane Mag” magazine and 313.FM radio. For those who are not yet familiar with the project, here is some context: 313 Amplified is a worldwide broadcast, transmitted through the North American radio 313 FM. This is a monthly event that helps promote DJs from all over the world at no cost, creating a community of mutual support for electronic music worldwide.


The project will take place once again at the SPKRBOX. During previous editions, the project promoted incredible artists from different countries including artists from Brazil with a focus specifically on Brazilian DJanes. Names such as Marina, THAY, Brent, William Patrick, Sophia Dala Voguet, Venus, Solar, Esshaki, Bejag, Mel Renzulli, Miih Nogueira and Jungle were amongst some of the talents that have been a part of the 313 amplified experience.


Along with 313 Amplified 4th edition, some more incredibly exciting news! 313 Amplified will have its first edition in a face-to-face format in the near future. No date has been determined just yet.


“At this moment, a few details need to be finalized. There is some amazing news both for international DJs and local Detroit-based DJs on the horizon. We are thoroughly excited about the development of this project and being able to support our artists!”, concludes THAY, who is the head of the project.


Check out the artists who have been through the project below.



To participate in the next editions, follow the regulation that can be found on: the @313amplified Instagram account or on @djthayrodrigues. Artists interested in promoting their work worldwide, directly from the United States, need to record an exclusive video set, 30 to 60 minutes in length, playing their favorite electronic music style or their own productions. Then, just send the video with direct audio along with a press kit or resume, and professional photos.


Registration for the 5th edition, which will take place on July 22, is now open. The material should be sent by the deadline of 7/10/2022 to the email:


Still want more reasons to submit your music? In addition to gaining an international spotlight, another fantastic reason to apply is being able to expand your network and connect with other artists. For example, DJane and Brazilian music producer Ramona is confirmed for the 5th edition. You won’t want to miss the boat on unique opportunities like this!