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Read Now! Exclusive Interview with DJ Viva

Viva is a DJ and producer with a passion for entertainment on various levels ranging from film & photography to modelling & design, with music being her
main focus. 

What do we know about DJ Viva? 

- First female music producer in Saudi Arabia with released original music on all major music platforms
- DJ for the Kingdom’s first Artificial Intelligence event (SDAIA executed event)
- DJ for the Kingdom’s first Desert Polo competion in Al Ula
- DJ for HRH MBS and his guests at the Premium Lounge for the boxing match , Formula E, Tennis Match during Diriyah Season
- Only DJ to play the role of Entertainment Director in the kingdom
- First female DJ/ Producer to play for & sign with the Coya Music brand / label
- Female DJ represented by RedBull in Saudi Arabia

Want to know more? Read our exclusive interview below! 

DJANEMAG: Hi, thank you for the interview! Where are you from?

DJ VIVA: Hello! I’m a cocktail of nationalities, Latin/Canadian/Saudi, and home-based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. I do venture to Canada often to have a balance of both worlds and the different type of lifestyle, culture, and of course the drastic difference in weather!

DJANEMAG: Are there many female DJs in your country?

DJ VIVA: Currently in Saudi Arabia, our entertainment industry is very new, due to the past cultural restrictions, so we don’t have many professional female DJ’s, but the number is growing quickly. Women are making leaps and bounds and it’s their time to shine with the recent implementation of the country’s new vision that aims to empower & include women in all areas.

DJANEMAG:  How long have you been in music?

DJ VIVA: I’ve always loved music, even though my background was academic first and creative later, and I think we all do, as good music is good quality of life. However professionally and publicly I’ve been in the field approximately 2.5 years now, due to the previous restrictions particularly with women in Saudi Arabia. My husband was & has been one of the Kingdom’s first DJ’s for about 20 years now, and I was highly influenced and trained by him. I started out with a beachside residency, then ventured into fine-dining residency & became an entertainment director, while simultaneously playing for events. Just before the Covid19 outbreak, I released my first originally produced track called Distorted Echo, with three more singles following that, and as of now I’m about to release an EP with the Coya Music Label.

DJANEMAG: You are a DJ, Producer and the Founder of a cosmetics brand. What is your favorite? What is the most enjoyable occupation?

DJ VIVA: For sure being a DJ is the most enjoyable and rewarding part, since through entertainment we create positive impact on people’s lives. For me, music isn’t just about playing what I like, it’s about allowing people to feel something when they’re listening to my music & connecting with my audience, similar to how we build relationships in every part of our lives. Thus, it’s a great feeling when you see people really enjoying and melting into your music, & being all about the vibe & atmosphere the DJ is creating.

Producing music and playing my own music is also great, being able to go within your creative self to produce something and put it out there for the world to enjoy is wonderful.

As for the cosmetics brand, this is a sub-brand from my DJ persona, as well as my art brand and apparel brand. This is something I created to give fans something to connect with me on, and I incorporate music and music elements into it all, but I wouldn’t say its as enjoyable as my music career.

DJANEMAG: Have you ever faced sexism in your career either as a DJ or as a businesswoman?

DJ VIVA: I have been in challenging situations, and I do live in a part of the world where all industries are male-dominated, including the music & DJ field. However, I’m pushing forward regardless, with the help of my husband as well as a network of supportive true friends & fans, and such entities as RedBull, who I’m collaborating with as their female music artist in Saudi Arabia.

DJANEMAG: How much better has the industry got for female DJs?

DJ VIVA: In Saudi Arabia, we are actually allowed to perform in public, whereas just 3-4 years ago this was something unheard of and completely forbidden. We’ve made leaps and bounds with the country’s new Vision 2030, of which a big part of it is empowerment for women in all fields. Globally, it’s great to see talent rising and being more respected.

DJANEMAG: What are your favorite artists now? Name 5 female DJs you consider the best in 2020?

DJ VIVA: From the well-known names, I would say Nina Kraviz, Amelie Lens, Nora En Pure. A few lesser-known but greatly talented DJ’s I adore are DJ Greta Bruno, Dunkel Dame, & Lara Kuzmanic. They all have a strong, formidable presence on the female DJ scene.

DJANEMAG: What is your attitude to DJs rankings?

DJ VIVA: Personally, I do believe talent should be recognized, and credit given where its due. A lot of us work very hard at our craft and skills, and I think that shows in how we move forward and establish ourselves. I’m grateful for DJaneMag as a publication and ranking platform, as it gives us female DJ’s a global collective space of talent.

DJANEMAG:  How would you describe the aesthetic of your mixes? How many hours do you usually spend selecting music? What influences your choice?

DJ VIVA: I tend to spend a lot of time on music curation, and create different styles and genres ranging from organic & deep house to techno selections. My music choices are usually a fusion of what I feel a particular setting or audience will enjoy and connect with. I usually compare mix curation as similar to PhD studies, a lot of research and putting together something that both theoretically and practically works, and then we take that and test it on audience response. I know it sounds extreme & some people might not agree, but having been on both sides of the equation, I can see that a similar amount of work goes into both. We do work hard as DJ’s to play good music and keep people happy and entertained.

DJANEMAG: Is there a DJ/artist you dream to do a collaboration with?

DJ VIVA: For a female DJ I would love to collaborate with Nora En Pure if ever possible on some good atmospheric deep house music. For a male, I’d collaborate with Ezequiel Arias, a Colombian producer whose progressive house music I really love. Currently I have a production collaboration, Viva x Zerone, in which we’ve released two singles.

DJANEMAG: Any final words, wishes or announcements?

DJ VIVA: I’d just like to say for all of us female DJs (this is something that I posted on my Instagram feed): “Nothing exhibits strength more than taking on new challenges & pushing forward when everyone expects you to sit back & be mediocre.”  In other words, rise up to your greatest potential.

And last but not least, I’m just grateful for everyone who are with me on my DJ & music production journey. I’m sincerely honored to be part of DJANEMAG and TOP100DJANES, and I’d like to give a special thanks to the Beatlife DJ group here in Saudi Arabia, a great DJ community, as well as my family, friends, and fans for always being there with love and support.

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