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In the second episode, Camila Jun presents live set at the National Museum of the Republic this Sunday (07/04)

Continuing her project of lives with technology innovation in the beautiful landscapes of Brasília, capital of Brazil, the DJane Camila Jun presents the second episode in partnership with Beck's beer.

This time, the chosen setting was the National Museum of the Republic, one of the most iconic and modernist places in the city's architecture, designed by Oscar Niemeyer. The live set will air this Sunday, at 6 pm (BRT), through the artist's YouTube channel.


Believing that the iconic buildings in Brasília merge very well with electronic music, due to its futuristic curves and modernist concrete, the DJane and producer didn't think twice when trying to get the idea off paper and uniting her desire to put together an audiovisual project that would take music, video and urban spaces in a way different. "I created the idea, directed it and gathered super professional partners who embraced my dream, as they also believed in the importance of culture at that time", says Camila.


Drones and cameras roam the huge dome of the Museum, which is located in the center of the city, creating a futuristic spatial feeling of open air, breath and freedom, enhanced by the music and urban environment of the Brazilian capital. Filming was carried out with the technology of Drone FPV, an equipment with the soul of racing and the heart of cinema. "In addition to the FPV, ground cameras were also chosen to allow us to look at Brasília from several different angles", she emphasizes.


With the pandemic, the need to maintain and be increasingly connected with the public was present in the lives of most artists and for Camila Jun, it was no different. Being able to bring something good to these people was her mission, and that's how this project came about.


"For the first episode of the series, I had the idea of occupying the largest avenue in Brasília, 'Eixão', which has great historical importance and flow in the city. Between two gigantic streets, I woke up doing a 1-hour set of pure House Music. The material was incredible and was a success, having great national repercussions in various communication channels. For the second episode, the expectation is even greater, as well as the dedication, creativity and technical level involved", emphasizes the artist.


The production was done by Influ Music, the musical and artistic arm of Influ Produções, with over 10 years of experience, and the capture and editing part was done by Cria Mov, a video producer who was born in Brasília and has been making a transforming work in the audiovisual scene.


Promising two more episodes that will occupy incredible urban spaces with sets of the best of House Music, Camila also threw herself into music production this year and we can expect new copyrights soon!


Be sure to watch this super live set by Camila Jun this Sunday, at 6 pm (BRT), directly from the Museu Nacional da República, on her YouTube channel ( in partnership with Beck's beer!