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Unleash your inner grunt with "My Secret", Hysta’s deafening debut on The Third Movement!

Unleash your inner grunt with "My Secret", Hysta’s deafening debut on The Third Movement!

Some secrets are best kept hidden, others not so much.

My Secret by Hysta is the undisclosed anthem to be screamed out loud. LOUD! Can’t sleep at night?

You’re not the only one.

Packing heavy riffs, a high pace and intense kick drums, My Secret is destined to kick some dancefloor butt. Reveal the sound that is about to create damage: Hysta hardcore on the floor. What an introduction!

About Hysta: 


As she always says “My heart belongs to hardcore” ! From raver to international performer, her love for hardcore has made Hysta one of the key figures of the french hardmusic scene. 

This young 23 years old artist bought her first vinyl turntables for her 16th birthday. Quickly, she started playing in local clubs and sat up her own event organisation and radio. Recognized by her peers from the very beginning, she would soon share line up with Angerfist, Dr. Peacock or N-Vitral !

Driven by an unstoppable passion, she was spotted by Karnage, and produced on many labels like Footworxx, Dequinox, Cawfee Break, Offensive Rage, Chosen Few Rec, Handkcuf & Exitus Hardcore. Where she dropped bangers like “Gabber Madness” (Which over take 200 000 plays). Quickly, Hysta performed in many european countries.

Whilst she released her hit “Run and Hide”, it was selected on the “Hardcore Top 100" compilation, alongside almost every major hardcore artist.

March 2020, while the virus stopped the whole world. Hysta kept playing and making people dance around the world, her mix videos exceeded millions views.

She’s known for her over the top dynamism and violent drops! Limitless, she’s currently working harder than ever on solo projects and collaborations with famous artists.