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Watch Camila Jun's Live Set from DJane Mag's Top 100 online festival

With innovative image capture, Camila Jun presents an incredible Live Set at Mansão dos Arcos - Brasília. The episode will be broadcast exclusively this Sunday (28), at DJane Mag's YouTube, Facebook and Twitch channels.


Continuing the authorial series of live sets in the most iconic places in Brasília, her hometown, Camila Jun announces the fourth episode of the project in partnership with Beck's beer. The engraving took place in one of the most unique buildings in Brasília, known for its sequence of curves and its unmistakable earthy color: the Mansão dos Arcos, designed by the renowned architect João Filgueira LimaLelé.


The city's architectural monument received a lot of quality House Music. Including, the artist's first authorial track in collaboration with Gustavo FK and with the powerful vocals of Mr. V.


Jun's power, added to the capital's landmark landscape – which accumulates several important titles and awards – drew a lot of attention from the scene, which led the DJ and producer to be invited by DJane Mag Brasil to play the episode as part of Top 100 DJanes online festival, in a line-up with great national and international names, celebrating the female strength in the electronic music scene and raising funds for the Doe Dance project.


Uncovering and extolling the most iconic places in Brasília's architecture, bringing music, entertainment and innovative urban photography has become a milestone in Camila Jun's career. So, don't miss the episode that will be broadcast on November 28th at 12:00 (BRT) and 15:00 (GMT) through of channels DJane Mag on YouTube, Facebook and Twitch.




Camila Jun – Live set Mansão dos Arcos – Top 100 DJanes online festival.
When: November 28, noon – 12:00 (BRT) and 15:00 (GMT).
Where: Exclusive Simultaneous transmission by channels YouTubeFacebook and Twitch  of DJane Mag.